Background Information
Cudahz is a vasetille music crew consisting of four members based in Eldoret.. Cudahz has been on their own working together since their formation without any management.. though the crew being vasetille, hip-hop trap music is their mother genre of music…but since the music industry has been changing, Cudahz had now decided to not stick on their mother way of doing but to flow with the industry.

History and formation and early years
Cudahz was formed at 2017..where by before the formation,each and every member of this crew worked differently on his own way and different styles…some were rappers, trapers, spoken word artists,pop and rnb artist… Covettoh was a trap, and spoken word artist by the time , Njonjoh was a pop,trap and rnb artist, Vaspac 2wo was a pop rnb artist,while Zonkliph mogul was a rapper by that time…the crew strated with covettoh and mogul then Vaspac 2wo then lastly Njonjoh was found… Covettoh found Vaspac 2wo since they were both schooling at the same School but different levels… Njonjoh came after Vaspac 2wo but Zonkliph mogul was first…

Band members
Cudahz is made up of … Covettoh, Vaspac 2wo, Njonjoh, Zonkliph mogul.. the crew is of songwriters and artist

Successful projects
First project was Moshi which was not a good quality at the time,so Cudahz had to look for a good production and released pioneer as their first quality music at jacaranda the producer at vitex media,,they then released Zoom done by Rock media production by proverdoz the producer, Knockout then followed where by it was done at Flex records by ill instrumentals… hybrid followed at Flex records,jungle, suicide move,niggahs for drill,

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