Kirinyaga people celebrates Karua as Baba runing mate


Karua makes triumphant entry into Kirinyaga
Tuesday, May 17, 2022

Azimio la Umoja One Kenya Coalition running mate Martha Karua makes heroic entry into Kirinyaga county, her home turf.

Azimio la Umoja One Kenya coalition party running mate Martha Karua on Tuesday made a heroic entry into Kirinyaga County, her home turf, and lashed out at Kenya Kwanza alliance leaders.

She dismissed the leaders in the Deputy President William Ruto-led coalition as dishonest people who have no business seeking to run the country.

Thousands of residents turned out to welcome Ms Karua, who made history following her nomination as Azimio presidential flag-bearer Raila Odinga’s running mate.

Under tight police security
When Ms Karua finally arrived under tight police security at Sagana at 11.30am, residents burst into celebrations.

They danced and shouted in joy as they surged forward to greet her, causing a major traffic snarl-up.

Police had a hectic time trying to control the crowds, who blocked the busy highway in a bid to shake hands with Ms Karua.

At Ngurubani, Makutano, Mutithi, Pia, Kimbimbi and Kutus towns, business came to a standstill as traders abandoned their duties to listen to Ms Karua, who exuded confidence that she and Mr Odinga would form the next government and steer the country to greater heights of economic success.

In various urban centres, Ms Karua assured Mt Kenya residents that Mr Odinga’s government would look into problems facing rice, tea and coffee farmers.

“We shall ensure that farmers from the region get good returns for their produce,” she said.

She described Mr Munya as a hard-working minister who will be in Mr Odinga’s government to reform the agriculture sector.

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“Rice farmers are complaining of high levies imposed on irrigation water. Munya will fix this problem once and for all when we take over power,” she stated.

She hit out at Kenya Kwanza, saying it is made up of bad leaders and residents should reject them.

She said the leaders reap where they never sow and they should not be entrusted with the country’s leadership.

“Kenyans should say no to leaders who are retrogressive and commit economic crimes,” she said.

Ms Karua said Mr Odinga’s government would root out corruption, which has run down the country’s economy.

“We shall revive the economy and deal [firmly] with corrupt individuals for the benefit of the residents,” she said.


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